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“In terms of product quality and overall efficiency, it’s impossible to overestimate the competitive advantage that you can get from having the right machinery set up in your factory.” That’s the view of Yogesh Gopal, Managing Director of London-based Everglade Windows, which has just marked 10 years in partnership with Emmegi (UK) by investing in a brand-new Comet X4 fully soundproofed 4-axis CNC machining centre.

Yogesh says that the benefits for trade customers who are buying aluminium products from Everglade Windows go beyond the quality of the output from the machines and extend into shorter lead times, reduced errors and minimal downtime.

Everglade Windows bought its original Emmegi machining centre, a Phantomatic T3A in 2011. It then added a Comet T6HP, which it upgraded to a Quadra L1 cutting and machining centre in 2012. It also purchased a Satellite XT which it part exchanged for a second Quadra in 2018, and now also owns the latest Comet X4. It has two dedicated factories for fabricating aluminium products – one with a Quadra and Phantomatic T3A and one with a Quadra and Comet, both with the same layout and similar outputs.

The Emmegi team, including Managing Director Ian Latimer and Sales Manager Andrew Jones, has worked closely with Everglade Windows over the past decade, advising them on the right machine choices and keeping them up to date with the latest innovations and investments both at Emmegi (UK) and at Emmegi in Italy.

Yogesh adds: “Our relationship with Emmegi is very much based on mutual respect and understanding. There’s no hard sell – just a genuine commitment from them to help us leverage as many benefits as we can for our customers using their machinery. For instance, they pointed out that the new Comet X4 delivers even faster output than the Phantomatic and has features which will help us to optimise production on our bespoke frames. For us, that could potentially make an important difference to our efficiency and service, which would in turn benefit our customers.”

For Emmegi (UK), the partnership with Everglade Windows is a great example of the benefits for a fabricator of sticking with a single machinery supplier, who can really get to know the strengths and objectives of their business. Ian Latimer explains: “We have been involved with Everglade Windows’s expansion for years and have helped them invest in machines which met their longer-term plans. As a result, they are very well prepared for the current record levels of demand and are seeing a really good return on their investment.”

Yogesh is particularly happy with the service and support that Everglade Windows receives from Emmegi (UK). He says: “We know that we will always get a fast response to any service or maintenance call. Any machine downtime is minimised because they send engineers out to help who are knowledgeable and efficient and who crucially, know our business and our set up really well.”

When it comes to maximising the competitive advantage, one thing which Everglade Windows does particularly well is to showcase the advances in its factory to existing and potential customers. Everyone who visits the company is invited to tour the factory and see the scale and sophistication of the machinery set up for themselves. Yogesh adds: “Once customers see the speed, consistency and level of precision coming from the machinery, it almost invariably convinces them to partner with us.”

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