Aluminium Fenestration News


It seems that most materials and labour continue to be in short supply at the moment and the outlook does not offer us any comfort. Fortunately aluminium seems to be coping quite well with supplies readily available through our members, glass however continues to be a cause for concern.

With some labour, both in fabrication and installation, returning back to the EU, this is further exacerbating the situation as construction continues to pick up without having the workforce to fulfil orders and installations. Investment is expected to increase in tooling, machinery and systems in order to be more efficient with what skilled workforce remains.

According to the CBI’s Industrial Trends Survey for the three months to June, 37% of manufacturers, on balance, reported an increase in output volumes, up from 18% in May and the highest balance since records began in July 1975. Whilst also good for the UK construction economy, investment is needed in training for the sector and this is where the CAB foundation courses perfectly support the wider industry and you don’t have to be a CAB member to take advantage.

Aluminium continues to grow in the residential sector as purchasers see the choice of aluminium being sustainable, a trend that is clear to see in all of the trade magazines today who continue to increase coverage of aluminium systems with many new entrants supplying the sector now appearing. CAB supports residential homeowners choosing aluminium by offering them the facts about the material in a stand alone website.

CAB membership underpins and supports the aluminium fenestration industry in the UK, it is your association and your voice is important. If you are not already a member, join us, if you are, make sure you and your company gets involved!

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