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PCS Ltd. (Pro Composite Solutions) offer a specialist service into the supply of fabrication equipment for Architectural Panels and Aluminium Composite Material.

PCS is working with manufacturers and fabrication partners across the UK to provide a solution for the huge demand for production capacity.  Building regulations are changing fast and as the Government is taking immediate steps to ensure safety, the Building Control Bodies are providing financial support and guidelines for essential re-cladding works.  The Building Safety Fund has set stringent measures to ensure materials meet required fire standards and cladding systems are fully certified.  Other parts of the cladding system should also achieve A1 or A2-s1,d0 classification if technically possible and when there is a suitable replacement product available.  These measures will certify that external wall systems are designed and installed correctly, including the provision of cavity barriers and fire stopping.  This will mean a much higher requirement for Non-Combustible resulting in higher grade materials, all of which will require accurate and cost-effective fabrication to meet such building regulations.

To offer a solution to the huge demand for re-cladding across the UK, PCS introduce Casadei Industria ProCompositeTech and its state-of-the-art CNC processing and fabrication technology to process a wide selection of materials such as:

  • A1, A2 and FR Rated Aluminium Composite Material
  • Pre-Coated Solid Aluminium from 1.5 through to 8mm thick
  • Aluminium Honeycomb
  • Fibre cement
  • Gypsum Board
  • PMMA and polycarbonate panels
  • HPL and much more

Casadei Industria ProComposite Tech is known as the most innovative manufacturer of composite panel processing equipment in the industry, with a range of technologies to optimise fabrication processes with high performance and precision in a reduced space:

  • Alu Ranger OneR – CNC Panel Router with Vertical Table
  • Alu Ranger OneR Pro – CNC Panel Router with Vertical Table for
    Architectural Panels
  • Alu Ranger VGroove – High Throughput CNC Panel Router with Vertical Table for
    Architectural Panels
  • Alu Loader – Automatic Loader for Alu Ranger Panel Router
  • Alu Bender – Multipurpose Edge Processing Machine
  • Alu Folder – Manual Folder for ACM and Solid Alu Cassettes

Many of the world’s top producers of cladding panels have officially endorsed Casadei Industria ProCompositeTech as the preferred vendor for fabrication processing technology equipped with automatic loading and panel positioning to reduce strain on the operator; automatic vacuum zones; advanced CAD-CAM software for productive and accelerated fabrication; automatic edge processing of top architectural cladding panels and automatic aluminium honeycomb panels edge banding.

PCS and Casadei Industria Pro Composite Tech are committed to provide solutions for fast and efficient fabrication of cladding materials for high-rise buildings.

Some examples of our machinery in action:

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