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Metalline’s process of continued research and development has meant the company is responsible for a number of industry firsts, making it the one stop shop for both rainscreen and insulated spandrel panels for both new build projects and replacement non-compliant cladding.

Non-combustible cladding manufacturer Metalline offers a wide range of A1 fire rated aluminium rainscreen cladding panels and facade systems. Metalline was the first UK fabricator to have both Rainscreen and Insulated Spandrel Systems tested to the latest fire safety classifications again leading where others follow.
Perfect for use on a diverse range of construction projects especially re-cladding. The new Unity A1 fire rated cladding system has been fully tested to BS 8414-2:2020 and is BR135 compliant.

The continued fire risks associated with high rise developments, has seen the company develop this new (A1 Fire Rated to BS EN 13501-1) non-combustible solid aluminium rainscreen cladding panel. The new A1 panel is ideal for both new build and as a replacement for buildings currently fitted with non-compliant ACM, HPL and timber cladding.

The system has also been subjected to a full-scale BS 8414-2:2020 test (Fire Performance of External Cladding Systems) and is compliant to BR135 requirements. The test conducted was one of the first performed within the UK to the May 2020 regulations.

Metalline have also recently become a registered signatory of the Building a Safer Future Charter. Managing Director Darron Brough explained: “We recognise that becoming a registered signatory is an important first step towards achieving the culture and behavioural change our industry needs to make in relation to the charter’s objectives concerning building safety.

“In confirming our support as a registered signatory, we will be working to ensure that we embed the principles of the charter into our organisation’s everyday activities.”

In accordance with the CWCT’s ‘Standard for Systemised Building Envelopes’, Metalline’s floor to floor framing and Unity Rainscreen Cladding systems have been subjected to wind resistance (serviceability and safety), water tightness (dynamic) and both soft and hard body impact testing. The recent testing to CWCT standards adds to the portfolio of assessments which have been conducted within the last 12 months, including BS8414-2:2020 full scale fire testing and multiple EN13501-1 tests.

Also, due to the ban on combustible cladding being used on buildings above 18 metres as detailed in part B of the Building Regulations, Metalline has developed the Ultima non-combustible range of Spandrel Panels. Metalline have been ahead of the game here for years and are renowned for this type of product.

The Ultima range of panels have undergone testing to EN13501-1:2018 and achieved both A1 and A2 – s1,d0 classifications. The Ultima Insulated Spandrel Panel can be constructed using a range of face finishes dependent upon the classification required ppc, anodised or precoated material the thickness of the insulation can also be varied to accommodate ‘U’ values on your project.

Metalline continue to invest in new products. Darron Brough Metalline’s MD and founder hasn’t stopped there either. He has invested significantly in developing an alternative to the waking watch. He has developed an intelligent fire detection and alarm system integrated into dangerous building façades, what he calls smart detection for protection.

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