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Why Dales Fabrications is a Founder Member of the CAB Closed Loop Recycling Scheme

Dales Fabrications design and manufacture an extensive range of standard and bespoke aluminium building products, including complete eaves systems, brise soleil and solar shading systems, copings and rainscreen cladding, all to ISO 9001:2015 (Design & Manufacture), with an entirely graduate technical department on hand to guide customers through the design process. Dales’ products are specified on commercial building projects, apartment complexes and a wide range of infrastructure projects such as hospitals and schools, all of which increasingly set out sustainability and environmental requirements from the outset.

As Karl Prosser, Managing Director for Dales explains: “Sustainability goes hand in hand with sound economic practices, whereby resource utilisation is maximised, and what can’t be used in manufacture must be recycled in the most efficient manner possible, while also thinking about what happens to our components at the end of a building’s life.” Karl continues: “Historically, this approach would manifest for our customers as more competitive pricing, but with initiatives such as BREEAM there are hurdles to overcome that go well beyond simple economics, where environmental concerns need to be addressed as core principles, guiding a project throughout its life cycle.

“As a Founder Member of the CAB Closed Loop Recycling Scheme (CLRS), Dales have made a solid and persuasive commitment to ensuring that the efficacy of recycling and sustainability is central to our thinking, which in practice has also led to an evaluation of our value chain. As a result, the identity of the companies that partner us in this regard has changed, and we now utilise a fellow founding member of the CAB CLRS for all our aluminium recycling needs. It has also catalysed a wider consideration of environmental issues, with two trainees currently undertaking a review of our ‘embodied carbon’ impacts as part of their undergraduate studies.”

Karl asks: “What do we need to do in order to be part of the CAB CLRS?” To answer, Karl states: “As a fabricator, we find ourselves simply formalising what was good accounting practice in any event, whereby we collect data on recycled weights and strictly ensure material-type segregation, thus optimising the value of our recycled material. The time penalty for this can be measured in minutes per month, and it feeds directly into our monthly management accounts as a KPI. As the scheme develops, we hope to see an ever-widening inventory of materials being tracked, as the CLRS really is a benchmark for best practice when it comes to measuring sustainability in a tangible and respected manner.”

Karl concludes with an important message: “To those CAB members who haven’t made the CLRS commitment thus far, then we at Dales are strong advocates for the potential of the scheme – there is a very strong likelihood it will improve your ‘bottom line’, it is a highly persuasive stance to communicate to customers as to where you stand on sustainability and has the potential to become a higher benchmark throughout the wider fabrication industry.”

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